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7 on 7 TEXAS Football

7on7 SST Texas Football is a fast exciting, competitive, non-contact football team that focuses on elite skill development and speed training thru great coaching and athletes’ commitment in getting better!

7 on 7 SST Texas Football understands the importance of passing, running, catching, defending in the realms of real-life football. Football has become a passing game and our focus is to train you physically and mentally for the rigors of football.

7 on 7 SST Texas Football develops our players in our 3-step model:

  • Skill development
  • Speed training
  • Tournament schedule
Players will be taught their skills training weekly thru practice and game situations.

Speed is the key component to football. CLICK HERE to Follow SST Texas speed protocol for Speed. This is the same protocol I have used with all of my professional and NCAA athletes.

7 on 7 Texas Football is looking for the best players in the area who want to focus on

  1. Skill Development
  2. Speed Training
  3. Becoming a BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYER overall not just 7 on 7 player
  4. Better Football IQ
  5. Film Study

Sessions will be held weekly.

Each player will receive the following:

  1. Two weekly - 90-minute practices
  2. 30 minute speed sessions will be part of each practice
  3. QBS must arrive 30 minutes prior for Private QB Training
  4. 1 monthly regional tournament
  5. 8-week speed manual guaranteed to improve your 40 yard dash!
  6. Football Combine- All Results will be posted on the FAST website where you will be ranked versus all players throughout the country! COMPARE yourself to others in your age group!
  7. Uniforms
  8. League play every Friday night


What is the age range for 7on7 Texas?

A: U13 and U14

Are there divisions??

A: YES! We will have 2 age divisions: Junior High U14 and U13.

Can we move up a division?

A: If a player is skilled enough to move up a division, it will be decided by the coaches and Director

What are the times & locations?

A: Games will be played weekly and announced in Januery

What will be provided to each athlete??

A: Each player fees will include your:

  • 90 minute practices weekly
  • Speed sessions

Tournaments: Tournament and league fees will be divided among players

What do I need to bring to each session or game?

A: All SST 7 on 7 players need to bring:

  • A water bottle
  • Football cleats
  • Mouthguard
  • Game uniforms
  • Head gear

What should I expect during a speed and skills session?

A: Each speed session will include:

  • Speed drills
  • Plyometrics
  • Shock training
  • Agility training
  • Speed sac resistance training

How do I register?

How much is the investment?

A: Only $120 per month.

Where and when are practices held?

A: Teams and coaches determine their practice time and location.



After tryouts and selections: Speed and Practice sessions every every week.

Tournament Schedule: TBA Monthly


Stampede Park
240 Deerbourne Ridge Drive
Montgomery, TX

Jackson Park
Overland Trace and Woodforest Parkway
Montgomery, TX

Contact Us

  • Phone: 1(888) 995-FLAG(3524)
  • Location: Stampede Park
    Woodforest Parkway,
    Montgomery, TX
  • Ask for: Coach Larry Jusdanis
  • Email: Coach Larry

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